Fun for any party, these Confetti Party Poppers release a stream of colorful foil paper when you twist them at the bottom. The Party Poppers operate with springs, not fireworks, and can be used indoors or out to get everyone involved. Package contains 24 poppers. Great for kids parties or special events. Please note that spring loaded confetti dispensers are more gentle than air compressed confetti dispensers. If you need more of a bang then purchase the Compressed Air Activated Confetti Party Dispensers instead.
  • 6" Spring Loaded Popper
  • 24 pc Party Set - comes in a fun display box (as shown in picture)
  • Twist activated - Colorful square foil confetti flutters to the floor
  • Uses a spring to shoot confetti in the air 3 to 6 ft
  • Satisfaction guaranteed. Contact seller if unhappy with the product.