Spotty Dog Chasing Game - Perfect For Dog Lovers! - Time to check out another battery operated roller coaster ride set. This is really fun to watch in motion. I liked the rhythm of the motor as the puppies work their way up the ladder. I think the music could use a little improvement, but it is a nice edition to this type of toy. All of the other toys I have tried did not have music. If you look in the description below, you will see three of the past ones I have tried on video. I like these type of simplistic toys, where you just sit back and watch. You never know what will happen when a puppy goes off track or tips over the edge.

If your a fan of vintage toys like this, maybe pick one of these newer toys up so you can have it 20 years from now in your collection.

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Spotty Dog Chasing Game - Haktoys

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