​​​Time to make my very own Krabby Patties! This was a really fun set and easy to use. Spongebob and I had a lot of fun.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was my first time using this set. I was not sure about the colors of the mixes and the outcome of my Krabby Patties. I thought my final product came out pretty good. Once I got started it was evident that Grape was green! There are not many candy products here in the USA that use green as a color for candy and grapes. :)


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction/Story
1:32 Box Overview
1:55 Box Opening & Parts
2:25 Maker Set Assembly
4:10 Bun, Lettuce & Burger Molds
4:46 Time to Get Started
5:08 Food Mixes
6:15 Banana Yellow Gummy Mix
7:12 Pouring Into Molds
9:29 Cherry Red Gummy Mix
10:54 Pouring Into Molds
12:07 Tropical Yellow Fruit Mix
13:23 Pouring Into French Fry Molds
14:56 Lenticular SpongeBob Plush & Foam Picture
16:22 Removing Patties From Molds
17:06 Grape Green Gummy Mix
18:16 Pouring Into Lettuce Molds
19:07 Removing Buns From Molds
20:13 Building A Krabby Patty
20:49 Adding French Fries
22:06 Building Krabby Patty #2
22:39 Building Krabby Patty #3
23:04 Building Krabby Patty #4
23:42 Adding French Fries To Bags
23:57 Adding Gummy Food To Grill Top
24:16 Tasting The Gummies
24:50 Final Thoughts

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