Sour Candy Factory! This is the final sour candy video in this mini series. I'm glad I finally completed the set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I hope to be able to finish other videos which I promised in past videos. The goal is to catch up on all of those and then forge ahead into new mini series making candy and other fun kits like this.


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0:08 Intro/Box Details
1:03 Making Sour Liquid Candy Instructions
2:40 Mixing
3:22 Microwave
5:22 Microwave (2nd Time)
6:20 Taste Testing
7:09 Gummy Bears Candy Recipe
8:23 Mixing/Microwave
10:42 Adding Flavoring
12:46 Pouring Into Molds
16:13 Removing Candy From Molds
17:14 Taste Testing

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Sour Candy Factory Maker Set Part 1, Scientific Explorer Video 1

Sour Candy Factory Marshmallow & Sour Powder Candy Video #2

Sour Candy Factory Liquid Sour Candy & Sour Gummies Video #3

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