Smurfs McDonalds 2017 Happy Meal Fast Food Kids Toys - Here is the next set for McDonald's! I have not seen the Smurf movie yet, but will probably see it at some point. This was only a 6 toy set and each was a little Smurf House. It would have been an added bonus if these were drink cups or maybe even a snack storage container. I'm glad I remembered to show all of the different inner rooms for these. This video marks the first look for me of the new McDonald's McPlay App. It is totally different and until the next set of toys, I will not completely understand how this change will work for each new Happy Meal Set.

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Smurfs The Lost Village McDonald,s 2017 Happy Meal Fast Food Kids Toys - New McPlay App

Red Smurf House
Yellow Smurf House
Green Smurf House
Light Red Smurf House
Purple Smurf House
Orange Smurf House

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