Ever craved a SLUSH PUPPiE while at home? The Pooch is NOW in a Pouch with the NEW SLUSH PUPPiE re-sealable pouches! SLUSH PUPPiE Pouches are instant slushies in your home freezer. Just freeze the pouch, squeeze the pouch and drink straight from the pouch. It's that EASY! Now you can enjoy your favorite Slushy at home.
  • SLUSHY ON THE GO--Now you can enjoy your favorite frozen treat at home or on the go! Just grab a fruit flavored Slush Puppie pouch from the freezer, twist open, and squeeze! You'll be beating the heat in no time with our dog-gone delicious flavored ice.
  • JUST FREEZE, SQUEEZE, AND ENJOY--Icee Slush pouches are great at home for a frozen treat straight from the freezer. You can also bring them to a BBQ, cookout, picnic, sports event, or any other place you want to bring the frost with a frozen beverage pop.
  • ICEE SLUSH FLAVOR ICE POUCHES--are available in all your favorite classic flavors: Cherry Frost , Fruit Punch, Orange, and Blue Raspberry. Since 1970, we've been the Icee sweet taste of summer that children of all ages crave in every season.
  • THE ORIGINAL SLUSH SINCE 1970--We use quality ingredients to make you icy treats that are dog-gone delicious! With more than a dozen standard flavors and new innovative flavors every year, Icee Slush provides the quality and variety consumers desire.
  • COMPARE TO OTHER FLAVORED ICES AND POPSICLES --such as Fla-Vor-Ice, Otter Pops, Pop Ice, Snow Bear, Pickle Ice, Wylers, Motts, GoodPop, Kisko Freezies, Kool Pops, Juicy Juice, Mr Freeze, Sqwincher, Jolly Rancher, Pedialyte, Welch's, Warheads, Sunkist Smoothie, OOOFlavors