​​​Bonus footage! This is extra footage and bonus footage after the SlimeBow was created. Read below for more information...

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is a conglomeration of video into one long video. The first part was shot just after the SlimeBow was created, but it was too long to add to the original video. The second part was going to be its own video and why I started like I normally do. The third part was filmed 4 days later and worth the video to re-cap the slime and show how it changed over the 4 days.

MUSIC! I left music out of the video for a reason. One because I liked the slapping and slurping sounds the slime makes and two because the scenes are so long and I wanted people to either enjoy the original sounds or put on music they want to listen too and turn the volume down.

Watching the slime move and change is really neat to watch and why we felt it was important to save the video and post it on YouTube.


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50 Barrels of Colored Barrel O Slime

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