This is a great game! I wanted to make sure I had this as level as possible while still having a tiny pitch to the 100 scoring pins. Technically it is considered level if it falls within the black lines :) The top sounds louder then normal because the bottom of the board was not hitting my table. Next time I would probably put it on a towel first to give it some cushion. The "Rules" are very limited on this game. There is no mention if a pin moves off the number and or leaning against the side. I would probably lay those ground rules prior to playing.

I have also seen people blowing on the top to get it to move, but this is not in the rules and something you can come up with as you play with friends and family. I did leave a few of the bad pulls in my attempts so you could see what happens! What was my best score? I was not doing the math very well!

Lucky Penny Thoughts:

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