Skittles Candy You know what's awesome? 1) Bald eagles, of course. 2) George Washington throwing down a backboard-shattering windmill dunk over the King of England. And C) Small, fruit-flavored candies. But what kind of legend could we create if we mixed up America's best into a special-edition pack of red, white, and blue fruit-flavored Skittles? Hold on to your tri-corner hat, fellow American, because we've done just that. Introducing Skittles America Mix - the purest expression of American ingenuity since the last incredible thing our great nation invented probably minutes ago. Featuring the red, white, and blue glory of strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, wild berry, and yumberry flavors, these themed candies are everything you need to celebrate a most American summer. Because you can't spell "USA" without Skittles. Word.
  • Taste America's towering sweetness in every bite-size, colorful, chewy candies.
  • America Mix with red, white, and blue Skittles features strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, wild berry, and yumberry flavors.
  • Perfect for patriotic parties, summertime snacks, or otherwise celebrating the best country in the universe.
  • Sprinkle some fruit-flavored candies in Fourth of July holiday arts-and-crafts projects or as patriotic party decorations.
  • America Mix package includes 14-ounce bag.