Sing-a-ma-lings are your sweet, huggable friends! darcy sings, harmonizes, and jibber-jabbers. Press her hand to change modes. It has 3 modes: • Jibber-Jabber (speaking Jibberish) • Singing (sings a song) • Harmony (sings notes that can harmonize with other Singamalings) Troubleshooting: • The likely cause is a low battery. Changing the battery will most likely solve the issue • In case a new battery does not solve the issue, the item could possibly have a defect and should be returned.
  • The sing-a-ma-ling are a bunch of huggable Goofy characters that have laugh-out-loud silly voices and get you singing!
  • They can also harmonize with you and with each other. Just press their bellies to enjoy three ways to play: sing, jibber jabber, and harmonize!
  • Sings: "Twinkle little Star"
  • 3 modes: harmonize, jibber jabber, & song