Shout-Out 66 is a sneak peak at my video set-up. I hope you learn a little about the types of light bulbs I use for filming

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I have been asked many times to see a studio tour. Here is one part of my studio and it is the main booth I use for filming most of the videos I do. I do have another set-up similar to the main video booth for other sets. Currently it is set-up for the mini cooking show. I hope this does not spoil anything for you!


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Shout Out Time! (Video #66) Learn About Video Lighting - Studio Set-Up

Video Lighting
TCP Studio Bulbs - Par 38 - 1P381651K - 5100K
Top Lighting Photo Bulb PB-30

Store Lighting - Daylight (Closest to a studio bulb)
Zilotek LED BR30 - 65w replacement - 5000K

Yellow lighting
75 Watt Clear Light Bulb
No name Flood Light

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