​​​Time for Shout Out #54 - We dig deeper into the life of Butch and learn how he organizes the Lucky Penny Shop inventory!

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Time for Shout-Out #54! We promised an LPS Bin Day and here it is. This is one of our smaller bins :) If you want to see larger bins of toys, look for the Max Tow Truck video. This was filled with Squinkies! Or as Butch would say Squintees, because you have to squint to see them :) Have fun with us as we read the names of our subscribers that signed up for a shout-out while we play with Squinkies!


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Large Littlest Pet Shop - LPS Collection of figures

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تصرخ المشترك "Абонат ВиК" "订阅服务器上大声喊出" "Odběratel vykřiknout" "Abonnee Shout Out" "Abonné Shout Out" "Abonnenten Shout Out" "מנוי לצעוק" "Sottoscrittore gridare" "サブスクライバーを大声で叫ぶ" "구독자 외 쳐" "Subskrybent krzyczeć" "Assinante Shout para fora" "Выкрикните абонента" "Suscriptor Shout Out" "สมาชิกตะโกนออกมา"

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