Shopkins! I get to check out the Shopkins Small Mart! I really liked this set & the bonus Shopkins 12-Pack!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: The Shopkins Small Mart was a fun set to open, it also had 2 Exclusive Shopkins! I realized right away that the set and figures were well made and unique. Unlike a lot of the figures on the market, these are recognizable items that you can find at the grocery store. Each character had fun little characteristics added to them. Check out the list below of all of the figures we got in this set. They are in the order that they are shown in the ending slide show.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:04 Introduction/Packages Overview
2:08 Unpacking/Pieces
4:12 Setup/Toy Operation
6:00 Special Edition 12-Pack
9:54 Playing With This Set!
15:22 Final Thoughts
16:18 Stop Motion Fun!

▶▶ Shopkins
Mandy Candy 1-053
Strawberry Kiss 1-003
Peppe Pepper 1-017
Popsi Cool 1-122
Tommy Ketchup 1-024
Candi Cotton 1-047
Flutter Cake 1-038
Scrubs 1-101
Chap-elli 1-107
Pineapple Crush 1-011
Mini Muffun 1-038
Pa Pizza 1-133
Exclusive Margarine
Exclusive Bottle

▶▶ Product Info
Go on a Shopkins™ spree and shop till you drop with the Shopkins™ Small Mart! Slide your characters down the delivery chute and then have some fun on the treadmill register at the check out counter! Complete with 2 exclusive characters and a shopping trolley. Collect them all! Set #56008

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