This is the second set for 2018! The first set is the Yokai Watch 8 toy set. The Shopkins. The Shopkins set has 48 toys to find! This will be a hard set of toys to complete. I did get a lot of duplicate Happy Meal Toys this round and wonder how many I would need to buy to complete the set. I did think these are really well made and nicely designed compared to other sets of Happy Meal Toys.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Shopkins Happy Places McDonald's 2018 Happy Meal Toys - 48 toy set

Set #1 - 12 different toys - Kitty Kitchen
Set #2 - 12 different toys - Dreamy Bear
Set #3 - 12 different toys - Bathing Bunny
Set #4 - 12 different toys - Puppy Patio

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Yokai Watch McDonald's 2018 Happy Meal Fast Food Toy Review

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