​​​Elmo, Abby and Oscar go on a ride with Butch! Butch has a lot of fun going around the track. He has a few accidents!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is our first wood train set. We probably have 6 different train sets we have never shown on video. I was hoping one day to do a train series. Maybe this Sesame Street Wood Set will be our first set to start the series. It was fun to set up and play with! Great for the younger kids.


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Hop on the Sesame Street Express! This all-natural wood train set is sure to provide busy little ones with hours of exploration and creative play. Each 29-piece set includes a figure-8 track & bridge, 4 wooden cars with magnetic connections at each end, Elmo, Abby and Oscar characters, Hooper's Store and additional accessories.

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