​​​Ernie from Sesame Street enjoys a day at the beach with his floating water bike. Pull the rubber ducky on this toy and the wheels will spin!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Play time! This was one of our earlier videos were I started to actually play with the toy more then just showing it. Ernie bath time was a lot of fun. That is what this toy is for, so as you can see, Ernie was a lot of fun to play with.


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Perfect for bath time, this toy featuring Ernie from Sesame Street floats on water.

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شارع السمسم أرني "Улица Сезам Ърни" "芝麻街厄尼" "Sesamstraat Ernie" "Sesamstraße Ernie" "רחוב סומסום ארני" "세 서 미 스트리트 어 니" "Ulica Sezamkowa Ernie" "Rua Sésamo Ernie" "Улица Сезам Эрни" "นกเป็นพิเศษ"

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