​​​Scooby Doo! time to make some very special Scooby Doo Gummy Snacks. This was one of my favorite sets.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I really liked all of the pieces to this maker set. They were all themed to the Scooby Doo. Having the bonus Scooby timer is what made this set even more fun. I think the set is a cool display piece after you are done making the gummies.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:14 Introduction/Product Overview
1:07 Box Opening & Parts
3:15 Product Tour & Features
4:59 Getting Started - Snacks Flavors
7:00 Using Flavor #1 - Daphne Zany Sour Grape
9:53 Filling The Tray With Grape Mix
10:50 Scooby Timer
11:48 Load Snacks For The Refrigerator
12:30 Scooby Timer Sayings & Count Down
13:41 Scooby Snacks Are Done - Removing From Tray
15:42 Mixing & Pouring Flavor #2 - Shaggy Groovylime Sub-Lime
18:13 Mixing & Pouring Flavor #3 - Scooby Ruh! Roh! Orange
21:12 The Final Product - All The Scooby Gummy Treats!
21:37 Last Step - Coating The Gummies With Flavoring (Velma & Fred Packets)
22:47 Eating Them & Final Thoughts
23:59 Scooby Snacks Close Up

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