​​​We had a lot of fun learning about this game and how to play it. Once we figured it out, it was easy to set up and play.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Did you make the naughty or nice list this year? Find out when you play the game Santa's Bag. You get to build toys for your 4 selected kids and then save them for points later. There is a 10 round and 20 round game, so depending on the time you have will determine which you pick. The pictures on the cards are easy to match up, so kids younger then 7 could probably play. Butch and I had a lot of fun playing! We lost track a little in our game play, so if you are not sure exactly how to play, there are three steps to every move.

1. Either trade with another player or Pick a card and discard a card
once you do that, then
2. Decide if you can make a toy or not.
if you can't make a toy
3. Then take a new card from the draw pile.


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Santa's Bag Family Game - Griggling Games

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