Duckspa, Rubba Duck in its Gift Box. The spa pampered duck, is wearing a textured bathrobe, a towel wrapped around head, and organic mud mask topped with cucumbers on eyes. Includes a 3 dimensional pair of slippers tattoo on its tail feathers. Hatched: August 13th Tag Line: The Ego Rubb Duckspa Bio: If the slipper fits - pamper away. It's now all about me. Pure and simple - begin with a facial; paint me in, Monet. Fresh, renewed - this day just for U - a spoiling long overdue.
  • With over 220 designs and 20 million+ rubber duck lovers worldwide, Rubba Ducks are the world's premier rubber duck collectible
  • Created by BOLDT, each Rubba Duck is uniquely designed to promote and communicate its individual personality and character
  • Adding to their individuality, each duck is sculpted and painted with the finest details and then adorned with a tattoo reflecting its unique personality on it's tail feathers
  • All of the Rubba Ducks have their own hatch date and engaging bio, which is found on their Gift Box and trading card tags;
  • Rubba Ducks Float Straight Up With an EU Marking Rubba Ducks meets all European and exceeds all US toy safety standards