Roominate The Original Wired Building Kit Helicopter Toy Set! I get to make the complete set on video! It is 3 kits in one!

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Visit The Roominate Website: http://bit.ly/roominate-toys

Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is always a lucky feeling being able to try a new toy on video! I first saw this on Shark Tank and thought it would be cool to check it out one day. Then out of nowhere we got a chance to get this Helicopter Kit. The instructions were really easy to follow and in no time I was able to complete the first build in the set. There are three sets to build in this one kit and maybe one day I will do the other two.


▶▶ Skip Times ◀◀
0:03 Intro/Package Overview
1:18 Parts
2:01 Instructions
2:37 Battery Compartment
3:55 Building Stages
10:25 Testing Functionality
11:48 The Figurines
12:23 Playtime
13:39 Slideshow

▶▶ Product Info ◀◀
Roominate Helicopter

The Roominate 3-in-1 Helicopter makes flying to another land or cruising under the sea a possibility! By wiring a spinning propeller with the included motor and connecting the design pieces, girls can create their dream helicopter, airplane, or submarine for open-ended, imaginative play.

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