Roominate Amusement Park Girls Building Set! This is our third set that I get to build on video. I test out the rPower system.

Provided by roominate for review

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I had fun checking out this set on video. It was easy to build and fun to play with :) I liked my little amusement park and being able to st up different rides and places to hang out. In this video I also test out the rPower system which comes with the Blue Tooth base and two connectors for lights and motor.


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Roominate Amusement Park Girls Building Set

0:08 - Intro and box overview
2:02 - Taking the parts out
3:56 - Starting the build - main sections
7:05 - Starting the next section
9:13 - Building the Ferris wheel
13:11 - Installing the batteries and adding them to the wheel
14:51 - Installing the lights
17:02 - Noticed center piece missing, added it now
17:32 - Building the main support towers
19:20 - Putting the Ferris Wheel together!
20:34 - Spinning the wheel
21:02 - Testing it out in the dark
22:02 - Testing and setting up the rPower
25:10 - Play Time!
30:25 - Fun music and the park is open!

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