​​​We go back to 2001 and check out this set of Robo-Chi Pets from Tiger Electronics. It looks like I need to get my tools out :)

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This was a fun set to check out and learn about. I saw on the original commercial that there were 32 colors on all! So each toy had four color variations. That would be a lot of toys to collect. I wonder if anyone out that has all 32? Once I started opening them and learning about them, it became apparent that I would need to take them apart and see if I could restore them back to original playing condition. I think I'm going to invest in some small batteries and repair them that way instead of trying to clean the old ones.


▶▶ Product Info/Skip Times
0:07 Intro/Bag Details
1:46 #1 Robo-Chi Poo-Chi (Purple & Green)
5:29 #2 Robo-Chi Meow Chi White & Green)
8:38 #3 Robo-Chi Poo-Chi (Black & White)
10:30 #4 Robo-Chi Meow-Chi (Black & Red)
12:16 #5 Robo-Chi Poo-Chi (Red & Black)
14:37 #6 Robo-Chi Chirpy-Chi (Black & Purple)
16:28 #7 Robo-Chi Poo-Chi (Silver & Red)
17:56 #8 Robo-Chi Chiroy-Chi (Red & Yellow)
20:26 Complete Set!
21:33 Toy Repair Time!
35:48 Final Thoughts

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