​​​Wow! 50 Barrels O' Slime! This Rainbow of slime was a lot of fun to create! Watch as all 50 barrels make a rainbow sea!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This project took took a few hours to put together, but a month or so to gather all of the colors of slime we needed for the rainbow. It appears Orange is the hardest color to find. Once we gathered all of the supplies, it was time to build!

We started with 6 clear plastic liter bottles, the strip from the bottom of a screen door, 6 super balls attached to a wood stick to act as the stoppers and a sheet of glass for the slime to travel down. Sounds simple? Well, it did take a while to get it right. We had to test it three or four times with one color to get the angle of the glass and to also see if the slime opening was the correct size.

We were worried about the weight of the slime because the slime was pretty heavy and something we could not test for in our initial attempts. The scene in the video was a one take only option!


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Barrels O' Slime Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple and Blue

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