This was an easy and colorful kit! A rainbow Mega Ball! I have made sets like this before, but not a giant light up ball.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: In just a few steps you have a giant super ball! I made sure to follow the steps and pay special attention to the inner light up ball. Remember you can use something to center it in the form. It turned out pretty good. next time, I would probably wrap it with a few rubber bands to make sure it held tight.


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0:08 Intro/Package Details
0:56 Parts/Instructions
3:07 Assembly/Adding Colors To Ball Mold
7:25 Adding Water/Submerging
10:43 Removing The Mold
12:47 Bouncing Ball!
14:16 Testing In The Dark
17:19 Final Thoughts

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Rainbow Mega Light Up Super Ball - Alex Brands, Scientific Explorer

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