​​​Frozen Rainbow and Rock Sugar Candy! Watch and see LPS-Dave and Butch do two more experiments.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Lucky Penny Thoughts: Butch and LPS-Dave take you through two new experiments, They do a frozen rainbow and make sugar rock candy in two colors! Both experiments worked great and we had excellent results. The Young Scientists Club has a lot of great kits and it was cool to see Clifford The Big Red Dog with his own Food Science Kit! Stay tuned for more episodes.


▶▶ Skip Times
0:09 Introduction/Experiments
1:43 Experiment #1 - Rainbow Ice
4:17 Experiment #2 - Rock Candy
8:10 Mixing Ingredients
18:04 Food Coloring Candy
21:21 Rock Candy Stick
23:10 Rainbow Ice Coloring
28:07 Rock Candy - Final Product
32:49 Final Review Of Candy Experiments
34:37 Rock Candy, 3-4 Days Later!

▶▶ Product Info
Clifford and his friends love exploring the world around them and with this exhilarating kit they are learning all about FOOD SCIENCE. Emily Elizabeth, the narrator in the colorful 20-page manual, guides young scientists through tasty experiments with catchy titles such as rainbow ice, ice-cream in a bag, homemade butter, layered test tube, exploding marshmallow, dancing pasta, jello magnifier, color chromatography, secret message, rock candy, edible volcano, chocolate slime, and floating orange. Young Scientists will feel like real scientists when they use the included lab tray, measuring cup, test tubes, funnel, and pipette to perform their experiments! Join Clifford and his friends on an adventure into the world of science! (Ages 3 and up)

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