​​​Pull 'N Pop Dome Ball Party Gumball Machine Toy from Tomy! This is a really cool toy that is hard to find.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: Thanks for checking out or video of this hard to find Tomy toy. We do not have the exact name of the toy, we just called it the Pull 'N Pop Gumball Machine! This video is a re-visit video. We already have a video of it, but the original video was short and did not go over the toy in much detail. We had to re-find the toy to shoot the video, but it is worth it when a toy like this is hard to find and also the fact that the original video has over 1 million views! This time I had a 2 minute playtime with the toy and that was what I really wanted to feature. Watch the ending!


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1995 Tomy Pull 'N Pop Gumball Machine Toy

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