【How to Setup the triggers】 STEP 1. Start one of your favorite games ( Such as PUBG / pupg / Fort nite /xbox one headset fortnite / mobile legends/player unknown battleground / fortnite weapons / fortnite battle royale mobile/ / Knives Out/Rules of Survival, Etc. ) STEP 2. Entering the Settings→Control→Customize STEP 3. Press relative buttons and set to realize complete connect with your device ✔ GO! GO! GO! Let's roll! Winner Winner Chichen Dinner ! ✔ 【Just few simple steps for installing the grip】 STEP 1. Separate the handles to left and right parts STEP 2. Pull out the connecting rod and rotate it 90 degrees STEP 3. Lock the buckle of the connecting rod STEP 4. Adjust the length of the connecting rod and put the phone into suitable position 【Product Definition】 Product: GAMEPUB Game Grip and Triggers Material: ABS; ABS+ Metal Function: Mobile game controller Compatible with devices: iPhone, Samsung and other Android smart phones 【 Package contents】 ◆Targetshooter Trigger x 1 Pair ( Right & Left) ◆Game grip x 1 ◆Storage case for the triggers x 1 ◆Package for the controller set x 1 ⚠ NOTE ⚠ ★Our mobile game controller supports 0.4 inch thick phones including phone case thickness. ★Some iPhone devices may be hot after long time playing, so we suggest you remove your phone case before playing games.