​​​Pringles Pizza and MacFuddy Pepper Elixir Soda! Time for a snack time paring of a soda and a snack!

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: These are fun videos for me because many days, this is my first thing to eat :) I just want to dive in and start snacking! I have to pace myself and remember to show it the best I can and cover the products in the best way. The MacFuddy Elixir is super tasty and pared well with the Pringles Pizza flavor.


▶▶ Product Info
Pringles Pizza
Pizza makes people happy. Pringles® make people happy. Combine the two, and your party will be known as the happiest place on earth. If morning-after cold pizza is your thing, store the can in the fridge. You don't just eat 'em. You chill 'em.
MacFuddy Pepper Elixir

MacFUDDY was introduced in 1941 and became a regional favorite in the Michigan area and surrounding states. MacFUDDY is the pepper elixir with a fruity flavor that finishes with a slight hot pepper taste. This concoction blends multiple flavor ingredients into a unique sipping soda unlike anything on the market. Produced in our bottling facility in Mukilteo, WA. 12 - 12oz. glass bottled sodas.

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