Pringles LOUD! All 5 Flavors Comparison - Tasting - USA Potato Chip Review - I wanted to make sure I finally got all of these on video. I should have waited to get all 5 before making the original video. I think these are unique and full of flavor, just not my kind of Pringles. They are fun to try and taste on video.

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Pringles LOUD! All 5 Flavors Comparison

Pringles® Loud Fiery Chili Lime Corn Crisps, 5.4 oz
Pringles® Loud Super Cheesy Italian
Pringles® Loud Mighty Margherita Pizza
Pringles® Loud Salsa Fiesta
Pringles® Loud Spicy Queso
Sangaria Ramu Bottle - Japanese Soda

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