Popin' Cookin! Decotte Candy is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. Make detailed and edible candy shapes that can be used for any occasion. Supplied are 2 edible stretchy candies (pink & white) that can be molded into any shape. Also included is a mini kneading roller and 2 packs of toppings (colorful sprinkles and crystal sugars.) The candy is flavored Grape and Soda with Strawberry sauce
  • DIY kit to make detailed and edible candy shapes with sprinkles
  • Flavors: soda, grape and strawberry
  • Contains: 2 blocks of soft candy (white & red), 1 bag of sauce, 3 bags of sprinkles (clear, heart-shaped & ball-shaped)
  • Also Includes: Graphic Instructions
  • 22.5g / 88 calories per pack