The next McDonald's Happy Meal set for 2015 is Pokemon! These are the Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 8 toy set.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: This is possibly the last set for 2015! They might squeeze in one more this year. It is also worthy to note that the McPlay App has changed for this set. I guess in a way we have documented the history of that app for over a year! Are you a big fan of Pokemon! I hope you can let me slide on my name pronunciations :) Thanks for watching our videos and supporting our channel.


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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire 2015 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys
6:00 #1 Pikachu Toy
7:30 #2 Primal Groudon
8:40 #3 Primal Kyogre
9:58 #4 Lugia
11:24 #5 Rayquaza
12:11 #6 Mega Latios
13:08 #7 Hoopa
14:56 #8 Wobbuffet
16:12 The Complete Set
17:22 Squirt Toy
18:09 Sparking Toy
18:45 Phone App Game

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