The Kenner Play-Doh Printer was fun to play with and learn about on video. I wonder if the 1994 Play-Doh had a different texture.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: The Play-Doh Printer is an older set that I have never seen before. Being one of the first to try it out on video is pretty cool. It took me awhile to figure out the best way to make this work. Once I did that, it made it a lot easier to create my picture from all of the different templates. Remember., let me know if you like the box openings.


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0:08 Intro/Box Details
2:32 Parts
5:21 Instructions/Assembly
9:43 Adding Paper/Stencil To Press
10:53 Adding Dough To Printer
12:06 Sliding The Press Handle
13:41 Revealing The Image
15:27 New Stencil Image #2
21:45 New Stencil Image #3
28:55 New Stencil Image #4
33:25 New Stencil Image #5
34:46 New Stencil Image #6
36:44 How To Make A Card
37:48 Final Thoughts

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Play-Doh Printer - 1994 Kenner

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