​​​Watch our product feature video for a Planet Orbeez Ali's Adventure Park.

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[Key points in video]
0:04 Introduction/Product Overview
0:59 Box Opening & Parts
2:24 Installing Batteries
3:16 Sticker Location
11:16 Removing Lazy River Piece
11:38 Ferris Wheel Assembly
14:55 Adding The Platforms
16:28 Building Orbeez Slide
17:22 Adding The Pool
18:35 Adding The Globe
18:51 Adding The Lazy River
19:37 Building The Gate
20:58 Adding The Entry Sign & Balloons
23:00 Orbeez Colors Preview
23:33 Adding Orbeez To Balloons
25:06 Setting Up The Orbeez Furniture
25:52 Building Orbeez People & Animals
27:45 Lazy River Setup
30:42 Filing The Large Globe
32:26 Filing Up The Pool
33:30 Filing Up The Ferris Wheel
34:55 Playtime!
39:08 Final Thoughts

Watch more Orbeez videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL27_x9U5H26u0UUcyFajbjhaDocYLw8MT

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