Peter Austin's Bake-O-Matic Oven - Mini Jiffy Corn Bread! Let's see how this light bulb oven bakes corn muffins in three different pans.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: I'm on a mission to test all of the ovens in my collection to see how they work with different recipes. This Bake-O-Matic had two 100 watt light bulbs and baked great on the top and bottom. I like this oven more then most because you can easily open it to see how the item is baking.


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Peter Austin's Bake-O-Matic Oven - Mini Jiffy Corn Bread

0:08 - Going over the box
1:07 - Checking over the oven and included parts
3:45 - Learning about Jiff mix and making the corn bread
7:20 - Putting heart tray in the oven
8:14 - Watching it bake in the oven
9:08 - Fill the bear & muffin tray with corn batter
10:44 - Putting the bear in of the oven
11:21 - Baking the bear
11:32 Take out the bear and add the mini muffin tray
12:02 - Tray 3 baking in the oven
12:11 - Checking out the bear and heart corn muffin
13:01 - Setting up a mini muffin set & final thoughts.

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