Pepsi Soda Fountain Dispenser! Here is the ultimate Pepsi party set and all of my Pepsi swag items that I have collected.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Here is the last Pepsi Dispenser set to show on video. I had fun showing all of the items I have collected over the years and then setting this up and using it on video. I wish I could have a big party with all of the sets! That would be a lot of fun.

7Up Dispensers -
Coke Dispenser -


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Pepsi Majic Party Set with Soda Fountain - Chilton Toys
Pepsi Bottles
Pepsi Glasses
Pepsi Car & Truck Set
Crystal Pepsi
Pepsi With Sugar

0:08 Intro - check out the box
1:32 Open the box and take out the parts
4:11 Setting up the dispenser and adding the stickers
7:48 Adding the Crystal Pepsi - testing the dispenser
11:36 Pepsi moving trays
12:41 Old Pepsi bottles, glasses, truck set & salt * pepper shakers
14:49 Free Snack Stadium with Tostitos & salsa party tray
17:29 Pepsi Dispenser party! Ice cream & party tray set up

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