​​​It is a cornucopia of Peeps! We decided due to all of the videos we had for Christmas to combine all of our Peeps videos into one.

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: It is more of a challenge to make a video with so many items in it. It is hard to focus because I know I have to move on to the next one. I figured by the end I was going to be microwaving all of these at some point. It is cool to watch them puff up and grow in the microwave. I liked the Gingerbread the best. They had a lot of flavor. Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.


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Peeps Marshmallow Snowmen
Peeps Marshmallow Christmas Trees
Peeps Sugar Cookie Dipped in Milk Chocolate
Peeps Candy Cane Dipped in Chocolate
Peeps Hot Cocoa & Cream Dipped in White Fudge

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