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We GUARANTEE all our content is child-friendly :)

The Lucky Penny Shop started in 2009 as an eBay store. In a short time we achieved a Top Rated Power Seller status by selling toys, games and items we found at different sales in our area. Early on we wanted to complement our eBay listings with a short video showing the item we were selling. It was important for us to show how it worked, and also pointing out any flaws with the product. Seeing someone touch and play with the toy helped sales and increased our business.

When you watch our videos, you only see hands! We went with this unique video perspective because we just wanted to feature the product and not an actual person in the video. This is why you just see hands! Hand channels are some of the biggest channels on YouTube and very popular with kids and adults.

Another interesting piece of history and why we are called the Lucky Penny Shop - “LPS” for short is that when we sold an item, we included a special business card that had a sidewalk on the front side. We then attached a penny to the card!  we wanted our buyer to feel they had a “Lucky” experience with our business and also something for them to remember us.


As you look through the parents section make sure you read our ‘FAQ’ where we go into more detail about questions that have been commonly asked and also other questions to help you understand more about us.

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