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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer AR - Augmented Reality SG338R - When I was first contacted to check out this globe, I thought it would be fun to see how it worked. It was really cool how this globe worked and I had fun setting it up and getting it ready to use as an educational tool. Here are the steps I followed to get everything up and running.

1. Download the app - when it asks you for the QR code, make sure you scan the one that is inside the folded map stored on the side of the globe.

Once you do that, then you can use the Augmented Reality to explore over 500 different features.

2. Go to your PC and type in this URL

Download and run the software
Follow the prompts when to plug in your Blue-tooth pen

Once that is done, your pen is ready and fully updated.

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Oregon Scientific SmartGlobe Explorer AR - Augmented Reality SG338R

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