​​​This Operation Hand-held game lights up & shakes when you play!

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I got a little worried when my game did not work when it first turned on. After a little time it came to life! It is hard to believe a 1998 hand-held game can still be found in the original package. It was fun learning how to play Operation in a mini game! It even lit up and shook when I hit the side walls!


▶▶ Product Info
You're the doctor! Use the OPERATE button to move the tweezers. Careful! Don't hit the walls of "cells" along the left and right edges of the screen. The parts will appear along the edges of the upper screen. Hurry to surgically remove them: Position the tweezers next to the parts and try to move onto them, before they disappear. The "Cavity Sam" Electronic Hand-held Game Unit

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