Puppet Show! Time for the first ever Lucky Penny Shop Mystery Puppet Performance! Watch as the story unfolds...

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: We had a chance to get to this unique puppet set and put on a show. Butch and I had no idea what the show was going to be about, so we just started and how you see it was all done in one take except a few sections. We had a great time working on this for everyone! Do you like puppets and puppet shows? Let us know in the comments.


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Moulin Roty Ombres du soir les toits de paris

Des silhouettes pour créer des ombres chinoises, et se raconter des milliards d'histoires ! Un univers magnifique à l'inspiration rétro pour rêver, inventer, raconter,... et avoir plein d'étoiles dans les yeux !

Un mur blanc, une lampe et en avant la musique !

Contient 11 silhouettes sur le thème des toits de Paris: lune, Tour Eiffel, avion, ramoneur, somnambule, panorama au Sacré Coeur, toits, jazzman, cambrioleur, demoiselle masquée, majordome

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