Ninjago Movie McDonalds 2017 Happy Meal Fast Food Toy Review - It did not take long to get the toys and box for this round of toys from McDonald's. I like when there are 6 toys in a set, it makes it easier to collect and as you can tell, these are nicer then other Happy Meal toys because each was unique.

It has been a long time making videos on YouTube and I'm close to wrapping up all of my older retro sets. So far I have over 150 Happy Meal toy videos! The playlist will continue to grow. Did you want to see my giant bin of toys I got at a garage sale? Let me know in the comments and I will show that bin.

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Ninjago Movie McDonalds 2017 Happy Meal Fast Food Toy Review

#1 Ninjago Movie Journal
#2 Ninjago Dragon Periscope Toy
#3 Master Wu Secret Message Kit
#4 Ninjago Movie Selfie Phone Toy
#5 Ninjago Movie Camera Viewer
#6 Ninjago Movie Cup

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