​​​It's Nickelodeon Slime! We compare Nickelodeon Slime in a Can to two other types of slime including Color Oil Slime in a Can and Slime from Mattel.

Lucky Penny Thoughts: Our comparison videos are really popular with our subscribers. When we got the Nickelodeon Slime we really wanted to see what it was like and learn more about it. As the video progresses we bring in other slimes that we have done in videos before.


▶▶ Product Info
It's Nickelodeon Slime! When you see something gooey and green, you know what that means!!!! It's Slime time!!! When it's ooey and it's gooey, it can only be...Nickelodeon Slime! When you take Slime out of the can, get ready for some totally outrageous, non-stop glop! Watch and feel it ooze through your fingers. Isn't it time YOU GOT SLIMED?!!! For ages 6 years and up.

▶▶ Watch More Videos
That's Gross! Boogers Slime, Ja-Ru Toys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsNs5CINYpo

Green Snotty Slime, DuneCraft Make Your Own Slime Kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVCYh3Xr6W8

▶▶ Fun Translations
Check out these fun international language product translations!

الوحل نيكلوديون "Nickelodeon слуз" "尼克泥" "Nickelodeon sliz" "ניקלודאון רפש" "ニコロデオン スライム" "니켈로 데 온 점액" "Śluzu Nickelodeon" "Nickelodeon слизь" "Nickelodeon limo" "ข้อศอกจาระบีน้ำเมือก"

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