These are so cool! They make the coolest sound when you squish them. I also like how they splat! Check it out....

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Lucky Penny Thoughts: I had no idea what these were going to do, or how they were going to splat! I could not stop squeezing them! They made the coolest sound. I thought later it sounded like meat going through a meat grinder. A squishy gelatinous sound! I had fun throwing them against the table top and hearing the sound of them splatting. The holes added an extra cool look to them when they opened after being splat!


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Nickelodeon GAK Splat Balls Nick-Tivities 2002

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الحدادون الأسترالي الملح رقائق الخل "Nickelodeon GAK кръгче топки" "尼克 GAK 溅斑球" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat kuličky" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat bolde" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat boules" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat Bälle" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat μπάλες" "כדורי מעיכה ניקלודיאון GAK" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat palle" "ニコロデオン GAK スプラット ボール" "니켈로 데 온 각 표시와 공" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat kulki" "Nickelodeon GAK Splat bolas" "Nickelodeon ГАК Splat шарики" "Nickelodeon GAK uyarısı topları" "Nickelodeon GAK biểu tượng quả bóng"

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