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NEW! Grossery Gang Series 3 VS The Clean Team Series 3 - Large 3" Action Figures Putrid Power!

Wow!~ This new set of Grossery Gang Series 3 toys were super cool and fun to open on video. I'm really excited to get a first look at the new 3" Action Figure! Those are totally cool and I hope to eventually get the entire set in that line of toys from Moose. I will open the other sets on a future video because there was too much to open all at one time. There is also a new twist with The Grossery Gang and The Clean Team fighting to make sure things stay dirty! There is a list below of all of the different sets I showed in the video below.

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The Grossery Gang Series 3 - 5 Grosseries Pack
The Grossery Gang 3" Action Figure - Grub Sub
The Grossery Gang Series 3 - 12 Grosseries Pack
The Grossery Gang Delivery Strike Motor Bike
The Grossery Gang Series 3 Trash Can

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