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NEW! Doggie Doo Family Game - Improved Doggie Poo! What A BLAST! We just had to check out the newest version of Doggie Doo. Our first video was way back in 2012 and one of the first videos of the game on YouTube! We are back in 2017 with the new and improved version that definitely easier to play and set up. The poo is no longer putty, but a soft rubber barrel shaped "Turdlet" that you just insert in the mouth of the newly shaped and design Doggie Doo. Remember to feed him his bone which is also re-designed. At the end of the video we grab out original Doggie Doo and compare it to the new Doggie Doo.

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NEW! Doggie Doo Family Game - Improved Doggie Poo! What A BLAST!

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