​​​Nerf time! I really like the Nerf Disc Blaster guns! It was pretty accurate at my test distance.

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I always like testing out a new Nerf gun. My new targets were a great way to see how accurate a gun is at a certain range. I will slowly build out my Nerf target range set-up, so I can test other types of darts and add cool features to make it even more fun for shooting Nerf guns. Hopefully it inspires everyone to build their own practice range.


▶▶ Product Info
VORTEX disc blasters are the cutting edge in long-range, high-powered technology, with revolutionary XLR Disc Tech that hurls ultra-distance discs for the ultimate battle experience. This powerful, single-shot blaster has the Tactical Rail for you to add Tactical Rail accessories, giving you the edge in battle, and its quick snap-load technology lets you reload fast and get back in the game.

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