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Metal Nano Figures DC & Marvel Super Heroes - Wow! It was so nice of Jada toys to provide all of these figures for DC and Marvel. Seeing them all lined up makes for a really nice display of these mini-figures. There is a playset display that will enhance your display of these figures. Here are the three questions I was wondering about.

1. Which do you like more? DC or Marvel
2. Which is your favorite series
3. Which is your all time favorite figure

Lucky Penny Thoughts

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Metal Nano Figures DC & Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Spider Man - Single Figure
Marvel Avengers Iron Man Single Figure

DC The Flash Single Figure
DC Green Lantern Single Figure

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy 5 Figure Pack
Star-Lord - Rocket - Gamora - Drax - Groot

Marvel Spider Man 5 Figure Pack
Spider-Man - Black Costume Spider-Man - Spider - Gwen - Vulture - Green Goblin

DC 5 Figure Pack #1
Wonder Woman - Cyborg - The Flash - Parademon - Batman

DC 5 Figure Pack #2
Superman - Supergirl - Aquaman - Lex Luthor - Batman

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