Gathered from the sweat of 1000 unicorns brows, this clear putty is like no other.

Crystal clear and sticky, it shines with a lavender light from within.

Capturing the sweat was a true labor of love, but the results truly shine.

Hold it up and turn it around in the light to see the magic of lights dancing inside the putty.

Ethically harvested from only the finest unicorns.

100% cruelty-free.

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product.

Magically does not dry out.

These putty for kids are great for fidgeting & unicorn party favors.

Comes in a 3 oz tin.

  • 🦄 HOURS OF MYTHICAL FUN - Help save a unicorn with this 100% ethically harvested, all-organic, cruelty free unicorn slime that's somewhere between a slime and a putty and entirely magical. The Boogers, Kiss, Snot, Sweat, and Tears colors are like very soft putties / firm slimes. The Blood and Dreams colors are more traditional, harder putties. The perfect gift and stocking stuffer for your unicorn-obsessed loved ones.
  • 🦄 100% UNICORN APPROVED - Ethically harvested from only the finest unicorns, Mythical Slyme is pure magical joy for the slime and putty lovers in your life. Mythical Slyme combines the best of all worlds: the shimmer of glitter putty, the strength building resistance of therapy putty, and the soothing effect of a stress ball. This slime will fulfill your wildest unicorn dreams.
  • 🦄 SQUISHY, BOUNCY, GOOEY, BREAKABLE - Bored? Unicorns never get bored! Stretch and pull to your heart's content with this glittery putty that doesn't leave a mess behind. Try mixing multiple colors to create your own shade of unicorn slime!
  • 🦄 DOESN'T DRY OUT - Nontoxic and oil-based, this is a gift that yields hours of nonstop fun along with saving the unicorns. You'll love it if you like floam, butter slime, puffy slime, glass putty, clear putty, or clear slime.
  • 🦄 COMES IN 8 MAGICAL COLORS - Available as Unicorn Blood (duochrome green to violet with glitter), Unicorn Boogers (holographic gold), Unicorn Dreams (duochrome midnight blue to purple with glitter), Unicorn Kiss (color-changing purple to pink glitter), Unicorn Snot (pale yellow shimmer with rainbow star glitter), Unicorn Sweat (crystal clear with purple glitter), Unicorn Tears (clear as glass with confetti glitter).