Design a pony your way with the Zecora Style Kit! The kit has a Zecora pony body you can snap together. Then you can decide which tail to put on her and which hairstyle she wants to wear! Decorate her the way you like it with the stickers and put on her jewelry for the final touch. You can even mix and match hair and tails from other ponies (other kits sold separately) for more unique and sassy looks! Customize your own pony in all kinds of ways with the Zecora Style kit! My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
  • Build your own pony with the Zecora Style Kit
  • It's easy to design your pony - just snap, pop and style
  • Includes stickers for decoration
  • Choose between 3 hairstyles and 2 tails
  • Includes 1 pony body - 2 pieces, 3 hairstyles, 2 tails, jewelry and stickers