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Alyse and I wanted to show you all of the cool toys available by Hasbro for My Little Pony The Movie. She grew up on MLP and remembered singing the theme song with her sister, which she sand in the last video. This collection of toys shows you what you can find at Walmart if you are a collector or just someone that likes to play with figure sets from the movie.

The Celestia Glitter & Glow sure did brighten up the video booth! It is hard to tell some times with video cameras how much light a toy produces. This one lit up pretty good and as Alyse mentioned her hair was easy to comb and in no time I bet she would have braided her hair!

Here is the web site page:
Look for the parental consent button in blue - print that, fill it out and include that with your letter.

Lucky Penny Thoughts:

Items shown in the video:
My Little Pony Blind Bags
Equestria Girls Pinkie Pie Ages 5+
Twilight Sparkle & Songbird Serenade Festival Friends - Ages 3+
Princess Celestia Glitter & Glow Ages 3+

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